The Foundation for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Research
- a collaboration with trade and industry

The Foundation for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Research (SJMF) is trade and industry's representative at JTI. SJMF currently comprises some 40 companies with an agricultural and environmental connection. JTI's ability to combine research with applied activities in commercial and industrial life makes us an obvious business partner for our stakeholders.

Development gives a head-start

At JTI the stakeholders gain access to tailor-made development options. For its part JTI gains insight into the sector's everyday needs and hence fresh ideas for hands-on research and development projects.

Commissioned research is conducted in complete secrecy. This makes it possible for the stakeholders to use JTI as an external development division at variable cost. Through JTI a stakeholder can obtain assistance with investigations, large and small, with developing systems and ideas, and with testing machine systems.

A network for development

As a stakeholder in SJMF, companies can directly influence the strategic research and development being conducted at JTI. Through JTI the stakeholders also acquire access to a wide network of contacts within the world of research as well as trade and industry.

SJMF is a network that provides opportunities to focus, together with other companies, on areas where the individual company can find it difficult to operate. By acting jointly, it is possible to make a long-term commitment to more visionary development and research projects. Collaboration with other stakeholders thus gear-shifts in-house resources up a notch, something that can be important to the company's future positions on the market.

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