Crop production

JTI works for sustainable farming.
JTI researches into techniques and methods for managing and controlling cultivation, harvesting, handling and storage of agricultural crops. The aim is plant production that yields improved product quality, better profitability and less impact on the environment.

Thanks to our experience from both engineering and biology, we can customize solutions tailored to the demanding agricultural environment. Sensor engineering, which was originally produced for other sectors, is used and modified by JTI, and we also develop the systems the sensors are to operate in. Sensors make it simpler to monitor the production and quality of agricultural crops.

For cultivation with precision

The concept of production quality and precision agriculture runs through our operations like a golden thread. By adapting cultivation to the crop site, initiatives such as plant nutrition, watering and biocides can be controlled to suit conditions in individual parts of the field. We work with everything from information management to developing and testing on-line sensors. By measuring various properties in the field directly, on growing or harvested crops, the field can be divided up or crops sorted according to various characteristics.

Nowadays ever increasing demands are being made of grain and vegetable storage facilities, partly to help reduce the number of transports. JTI has extensive expertise when it comes to harvesting, conservation and storage of e.g. cereals and rape. We evaluate techniques and methods for ensuring that quality is not compromised.

Teaming up with industry

JTI is also engaged on issues of ecological production. These may involve mechanical methods of weed control or better crop establishment. Sustainable farming also includes being restrictive with plant nutrients. We work with engineering, methodologies and guidelines in order to improve exploitation of the plant nutrients in animal manure as well as other organic residuals in cultivation and reduce nutrient losses to the soil, air and water.

We work on applied projects, often in the field, where automatic measuring and control engineering are seminal concepts. The work is conducted in close collaboration with farmers and businesses where techniques and methods can be tested in practice. We also enjoy close cooperation with other institutes and universities, both in Sweden and internationally.

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