Systemic perpectives from field to facility.

JTI has wide-ranging skills in the field of climate and energy, and we have worked with bioenergy issues linked to agriculture since the 1970s. This work is done from a systemic perspective in which environmental and energy efficiency are important aspects. Our operations aim to evolve long-term and economically sound solutions that endure, from concept to reality.

We develop, demonstrate and evaluate techniques and systems for the production of arable crops to generate heating, electricity and fuels. The focus is on the chain from field to facility. This takes in both cultivation and harvesting techniques as well as handling and storage techniques, and logistics systems. We are also engaged on questions affecting the breeding and incineration of energy crops, as well as the return of ash to arable land. We have close collaboration with other institutes and universities on matters of combustion engineering.

Renewable fuels-from ethanol to biogas

JTI's researchers study methods for developing renewable vehicle fuels. We have investigated the possibilities for ethanol production based on sugar beet and conducted projects to enrich methane in the biogas process in order to render the upgrading of biogas to fuel grade more efficient. With systems analysis as a tool we calculate the environmental impacts of, for instance, producing vehicle fuels.

We have long-standing experience within the fields of anaerobic treatment and recovery of biogas, both at farm level and on an industrial scale. JTI has well-established and close collaboration with the Department of Microbiology at SLU, where we have laboratory equipment for batch and continuous anaerobic digestion trials as well as facilities for comprehensive analytical work.

We also work with techniques for agricultural use of anaerobic digestion residues and perform assessments of the beneficial value of anaerobic digestion residues as plant nutrients.

Efficiency and information

Our work in the field of energy also includes energy efficiency at farm level, for instance handling and transport, field work, and more efficient methods for storing and preserving crops.

We are actively working to spread information in the field of bioenergy. JTI produces (only in swedish), a digital knowledge bank designed to stimulate the switchover to renewable energy production.

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