EU-project about future food and forage

Researchers from ten European countries are collaborating on a four-year project focusing on legumes for future food and forage production. The project budget is 6.5 million Euros and one of the key participants is JTI - Swedish Institute of Agriculture and Environmental.

Researchers at JTI will concentrate on increasing production of legumes for food.

- The take-off for the project is that we should eat more of legumes, like faba beans and peas, to benefit our health and the climate. We need to develop foods based on these crops, says Fredrik Fogelberg, Researcher at JTI and leader for the Swedish part of the project.

The name of the EU-project is Eurolegume. It will also deal with how future cultivation and use of land should be arranged to make cultivation sustainable.

- One important aspect is soil fertility, and we shall identify powerful symbiotic bacteria that will fix nitrogen together with the legumes, says Fredrik Fogelberg.

He believes that the results from the EU-project will be attractive to Swedish actors within agriculture business, in their own food and forage product development.

- Therefore we hope to recruit more business partners to the international group, says Fredrik Fogelberg.

There are currently 19 partners in the project including research institutions, organizations and companies from ten European countries: Estonia, Albania, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Lettland, Spain, Austria, Greece and Czechia. The project is coordinated from Portugal.

Please contact:
Fredrik Fogelberg, Researcher JTI, +46 10 516 69 08, fredrik.fogelberg@jti.se

Carina Johansson, PR Officer JTI, +46 10-516 69 28, carina.johansson@jti.se

This project has received funding from the European Union´s
Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement no 613781


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