Concept solution for electric modular utility vehicles for urban and rural areas

Publikationstyp: Övriga publikationer
Författare: Oscar Lagnelöv Jonas Engström Hans Philip Zachau Robert Bourghardt Kimmo Wihinen Petri Hannukainen Erik Svedlund Gustaf Lagunoff
År: 2016
The goal for this project is a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and modern use of working machinery in both urban and rural areas. Focus is on a smaller working machine, replacing diesel driven tractors and implements carriers of up to at most 100 kW. To achieve this, the main technological aspects were a battery-electric driveline, modern hydraulics and autonomous drive. Calculations were made on the potential reduction in environmental impact and fuel costs over an entire days work using 50 liters of diesel as a comparison or 45 kWh of electricity for the concept vehicle. The reduction in global warming potential for this case when comparing diesel and electricity is a reduction of 86.7% to 99.5%, and the reduction in fuel costs would be 93% to 95%.

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