R 405 Implementation and status of priority measures to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus leakage - Summary of Country Reports

Publikationstyp: Rapporter lantbruk och industri
Författare: Eva Salomon, Martin Sundberg
År: 2012

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Baltic Compass is a Pan Baltic project where 22 partners from all the riparian countries share their practical and scientific knowledge about agriculture and the environment. Baltic Compass functions as a regional platform where participants and stakeholders can develop more efficient agro-environmental policies, share innovations and best practices, create scientific scenarios and facilitate investments.

Baltic Compass is regarded as a strategic level project by its funding body, the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, for its contributions to investments and policy environments. The project in practical terms encompasses the political ideas of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

Partners in Work Package 3 in the Baltic Compass project have identified 25 important agricultural measures that can be used to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus leakage. To screen the implementation and status of each one of these measures, all Baltic Sea countries have prepared a country report with information on e.g. official goals, legislation and economic subsidy rules for each of these measures.

This report presents a summary of these national country reports, reflecting the situation in September 2011. Tables and graphs in the report can be used to identify differences and similarities between the countries. In addition, the effect on biosecurity (pathogen transmission from the farm) is considered for the 25 measures.

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