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OBS! Most of our reports are published only in Swedish, but are here presented with English titles and English summaries.

Some reports are in English, these are possible to download directly from the table below.

If you want to order a report in Swedish, please contact us at phone: +46 10 516 69 00 or email: You may also order or download the report via our Swedish webpages.

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Nr Title Author Year Order
R 442 Optimized biomass storage - a strategic innovation agenda  Carina Gunnarsson, Erik Anerud, Maria Iwarsson Wide, Nils Jonsson, Ann Segerborg-Fick   2016

R 441 Increasing the effectiveness of agricultural logistics - a case-study project evaluating potentail effects of various strategies  Jonas Engström, Carina Gunnarsson, Andras Baky, Erik Sindhöj, Jan Eksvärd, Jon Orvendal, Niclas Sjöholm  2015

R 439 Pesticide leakage from production in greenhouses and nurserys, and suitable methods to prevent these  Klara Löfkvist, Torbjörn Hansson, Sven Axel Svensson, Sunita Hallgren  2015

R 427 Controlled trum composting with limited climate compact - emissions and heat recovery  Lena Rodhe, Fredrik Niklasson, Huibert Oostra, Pernilla Gervind, Johnny Ascue, Marianne Tersmeden, Anders Ringmar  2015

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