Recycling and Organic Waste

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Nr Title Author Year Order
RKA 54 Pharmaceuticals in blackwater and fecal sludge - Treatments and risks  Lotta Levén, David Eveborn, Emelie Ljung, Meritxell Gros Calvo, Sahar Dalahmeh, Håkan Jönsson, Lutz Ahrens, Karin Wiberg, Göran Lundin   2016

RKA 50 In-situ methane enrichment during anaerobic digestion if manure - Pilot scale tests  Johan Andersson, Henrik Olsson, Johnny Ascue, Gustav Rogstrand, Mats Edström, Åke Nordberg  2014

RKA 49 Inventory of biobeds in Sweden 2013  Maria del Pilar Castillo, Leticia Pizzul, Eskil Nilsson  2013

RKA 46 An evaluation of a farm scale biogas plant with a microturbin for combined heat and power production  Brown Nils, Edström Mats, Hansson Mikael, Algerbo Per-Anders  2010

RKA 45 Recirculation of dry toilet waste. Techniques and resource management in a wet composting system  Holm Caroline, Eveborn David, Nordberg Ulf, Persson Lennart  2009

RKA 42 Farm scale biogas production  Edström Mats, Jansson Lars-Erik, Lantz Mikael, Johansson Lars-Gunnar, Nordberg Ulf, Nordberg Åke  2008

RKA 41 Experiences and knowledge regarding septic tank emptying in Sweden  Eveborn David, Baky Andras, Norén Agneta, Palm Ola  2008

RKA 40 Ammonia emissions from aerated landfill leachate: a problem?  Lena Rodhe, Magnus Fridolfsson, Marianne Tersmeden, Thomas Lardh, Karin Karlsson, Anders Ringmar  2008

RKA 39 Consequences of alternative strategies for treatment of closet water from enclosed tanks. A scenario based study in the municipalities of Valdemarsvik and Västervik, Sweden  Eveborn David, Norén Agneta, Palm Ola  2007

RKA 37 Methods for waste treatment from small-scale slaughter of cattle and pigs  Edström Mats, Malmén Linda, Hansson Mikael, Palm Ola   2006

RKA 36 Wastewater treatment with a membrane bioreactor  Hessel Cecilia  2005

RKA 35 Anaerobic psychrophilic treatment of household waste water in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor  Hesselgren Frida, Hellström Daniel, Nordberg Åke  2005

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