JTI's Wastewater Treatment Technology Testing

The Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) has developed a specialized in-house test bed for assessing small-scale wastewater treatment technologies.

In-House Wastewater Treatment Test Bed

Located 80 km from Stockholm, and only half an hour from Arlanda Airport, JTI's test bed is ideal for evaluating small-scale wastewater treatment technologies using wastewater taken from a local community. If necessary, high strength wastewater can be created through the addition of blackwater from vacuum toilets in the area.

Parallel tests and trials can be performed in four separate lines. Wastewater flows and sampling is automatized and can be adjusted for the specific project, according to needs.

While treatment technologies are tested in temperatures representative of Swedish conditions, technologies do not need to be buried in the ground.

Research and testing

Testing of both proven technologies and technologies under development can be performed. The extent of trials and tests can be adapted according to needs.


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