Machinery and working environment

JTI studies the environment, both inside and outside the tractor.

JTI endeavours to make agriculture and contracting appealing activities. We work actively for a safe and healthy working environment, and to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs for agricultural machinery.

Handling machinery is a key part of the farmer's work. This makes tough demands of the farmer when it comes to both education and working methods as well as safety philosophy. Machine costs are also a large item of expenditure for any agricultural concern.

Development for a safe working environment

JTI's research identifies areas with scope for improving both economy and working environment. We also focus on the environment outside of the machines and study fuel consumption and emissions. We develop new technology and evaluate existing machine systems, often in close collaboration with the machine manufacturers.

JTI develops and evaluates techniques and methods for creating a safe and healthy working environment. We identify positive and negative factors in the working environment and formulate strategies for taking action on the negative ones. Among other things, this applies to the rate of accidents, which is unfortunately high within agriculture. In a number of projects we are studying why accidents happen and proposing solutions that can cut the number of accidents.

WEST provides a holistic view

We study the working environment in, for instance, drivers' cabs, during meat and milk production and during waste handling. Our activities also include studies in climatic ergonomics and in physical factors such as noise, air pollution and dust. In our ergonomics lab, analyses are conducted of various work operations, as well as evaluations of finished products and prototypes.

With the aid of WEST-jordbruk, a Work Environment Screening Tool, we can make assessments of the overall working environment within agriculture. The method was originally developed for industry but has been modified by JTI's researchers to suit the agricultural environment.

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