Waste and wastewater

We work with systems and methods for the biological treatment of source-separated organic waste, wastewater, effluent and animal manure. Our focus is on techniques that make it possible to recirculate plant nutrients from the urban community to farming and create a long-term sustainable cycle.

We endeavour to combine theoretical research with practical, applied activities. The work is done in laboratory and pilot trials, at full scale, and by simulation via computer models. Using computerized tools, we can evaluate techniques for wastewater treatment or various alternatives for waste treatment. We make assessments of environmental impacts and energy efficiency.

A sound basis makes for wiser decisions

With the aid of systems analyses and decision support systems we produce documentation that forms a sound basis for decision-making on waste and wastewater issues.

JTI's researchers develop and evaluate systems for sorting and handling food waste from industry, wholesalers and shops.

At JTI there is both microbiological and process-engineering knowledge. We also have well established and close collaboration with the Department of Microbiology at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) , where we have laboratory equipment for batch and continuous anaerobic digestion trials as well as possibilities for extensive analysis work.

From biogas to anaerobic digestion residues

We have long-standing experience within the fields of anaerobic treatment and recovery of biogas from organic materials like source separated household waste and energy crops. Our knowledge is based on a large number of anaerobic digestion trials, both in conventional totally mixed single-stage processes and with less conventional methods such as dry-anaerobic digestion and dual-stage processes. First and foremost, we concentrate on biological and technical optimization in order to improve treatment economy.

A broad range of skills are available at JTI regarding techniques for managing anaerobic digestion residues from biogas plants and for assessing the beneficial value of anaerobic digestion residues as plant nutrients. We also work with issues surrounding management and use of sludge from wastewater treatment plants.

Sustainable systems for at better environment

We develop, design and evaluate small-scale systems för wastewater treatment, primarily for individual private properties. This includes assessments of environmental impact, energy consumption, possibilities for recycling plant nutrients, user aspects and economy. For almost ten years now we have been working on the development and evaluation of plants for wet composting of night soil and wastewater.

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Testing facilities

JTI offers a variety of tests and evaluations for wastewater treatment systems. Read more

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